Patrick Rock is a co-founder of C.O.P.S. (Conceptual Oregon Performance School) and its current director. He is also the director of ROCKBOXCONTEMPORARYFINEART whose mandate it is to promote and advance contemporary conceptual and performance based work. He is also the current director of the Portland State University School of Art + Design Exhibition Galleries, and adjunct art faculty in the MFA Studio and undergraduate programs.

Patrick Rock is a conceptual artist who has shown his performance, video, installation, and large-scale interactive sculpture internationally, most recently in PICA's TBA Festival with Oscar's Delirium Tremens, as well as with the collective AMERICAN MEAT LLC. and the post-punk trio PISS in the Live Art Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland.

C.O.P.S. - Directors Statement:

"No rules, no bullshit."

We are an artistic movement, the new art form, exploring, essentially, new media and art experiences.

This new gesture functions with the purpose of pushing the viewer to the edge, utilizing any medium necessary beyond the traditional, in order to create a reaction in its audience.

Reacting against nothing and everything, we provoke thought and stimulate the senses.

We liberate. The world is our new playground, grounds to embrace the present and the continually changing nature of the new medium. Not yet fully explored, we work through the possibilities, perhaps providing only a small representation of what could be.

Medium specificity finds no place in our work, the idea and concept transcending all else. That is, the media used may dictate the concept behind a work; however the concept may also dictate the media. We are thereby not confined to one method of artistic expression, instead using all means necessary to express our ideas.

We question the distinction between the world of art and the everyday. By implementing non-traditional and non-medium- specific strategies, we directly engage with the public, and break the boundaries between mediums and disciplines, collapsing the high and low separation in culture and art. With this aggressive insistence, the art and its ideology question and defy how art is defined.

We push boundaries like our predecessors did. We seek out the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable, the non-traditional, and challenge the conventions of art and the society that sets such conventions.

We seek to change everything previously known and loved or hated about art, the world and everything in it, including ourselves.